Best Mattress for Heavy People

Finding a right kind and type of mattress for heavy people require some research work. There are lots of factors and things to consider before buying a mattress for heavy people like the thickness, firmness, comfort level, material and many more. Therefore, to help you guys out I have listed some of the Best Mattresses for Heavy people.

We have gathered these mattresses based on reviews, ratings, and individual suggestions. If you are person with some extra weights, then you may get any of the below mattress to enjoy comfortable sleep. All the listed mattresses are one of the Best Mattress for overweight people 2020.

Best Mattress for Heavy People

1- Nectar Queen Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress is one of the best value mattresses for heavy people that has got the required both firmness and comfort. It is constructed with 5 layers of foam including; Tencel long staple fibre removable cooling cover, two layers of Medical grade visco elastic memory foam, Hi Core 9.2 grade transition foam, and High vegetable base super core 5 lb support foam.

Nectar Memory foam mattress is perfect for people who weigh 230 pounds or more. It is designed in such a way that it contours to your body perfectly and provide pressure relief. It absorbs the movements and it is virtually silent mattress. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses for heavier side sleepers.

It comes with  a 180 night trial and a lifetime warranty.

2- DreamCloud Full Mattress

DreamCloud Full mattress is the premium quality mattress which is perfect for heavy people. It has Gel-infused memory foam which contours to your body perfectly along with providing you soft and comforting sleeping experience. It provides ultimate pressure point relief heavier sleeper.

There is an innovative pocketed innerspring coil system which helps in reducing the motion transfer thus increasing the comfort level. At the perimeter, there are higher-gauge coils which bolster the edge support which let the sleeper to use the entire surface of your bed. The whole mattress is wrapped in a breathable soft quilted cashmere blend.

DreamCloud comes with 180 nights trial along with a lifetime warranty.

3- Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Hybrid Mattress

TitanFlex Hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is one of the best mattresses for people who weigh more than 230 pounds. It is made using 1″ layer of quilted gel memory foam which is combined with 2″ layer of TitanFlex foam, 6″ of heavy duty individually encased coils, and 2″ of high-density base foam which offers perfect level of firmness and comfort to the sleeper. Each layer of foam provide perfect pressure point relief to the sleeper.

The base of this mattress is made up of 6″ core of industrial strength, individually pocketed TitanCaliber coils that provides ample support and strength thus decreasing motion isolation between the sleep partners. Overall, it provides the best support for heavy people; however, it may feel too firm for people who weighs under 230 pounds.

TitanFlex comes with 120 night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

4- Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress has got the benefits of premium foam along with pocket springs for additional comfort and advanced support making it a best mattress for over-weight people. It has a hole-punched foam sleep cool while there is a memory foam that contours to your body and helps in relieving pressure. There are around 1,000+ pocket springs that absorbs your movement and respond to your sleeping style.

Leesa mattress has a soft, breathable cover that adds to the comfort. It provides edge-to-edge support allowing you to fully use the mattress’ surface. Leesa mattress has enough support for the heavier sleeper. Overall, it is one of the best mattress for large sleepers.

5- The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is one of the best mattress for heavy side sleepers and it is designed to dynamically flex when under pressure and adjust to your body postures automatically. There are thousands of open air channels that neutralize your body heat allowing you cool night sleep.

Purple Mattress is made up of hyper-elastic polymer that are designed to last for longer period of time. The mattress collapses under pressure by your body heat. It has an ability to retain heat and doesn’t allow the easy airflow. The material used to make this mattress is antimicrobial with no artificial germicides.

It comes with a 100 night trial.

6- Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress is another one of the best foam mattress for heavy people. It has five foam layers which are the combination of poly, latex, and memory foam. The foam is designed to provide proper support and pressure relief to the sleeper. The Casper mattress provides three zones of support for proper spinal alignment. The softer foam of the mattress provide relief to the upper body, firmer foam provides relief under the hips, waist, and lower back that helps to align the spine.

In order to increase the Airflow, there is a layer of AirScapeTM that is breathable foam that keeps you cool in night by moving body heat away. There are resilient springs added to the base to give proper support to the sleeper. It is certified by Casper’s Sleep lab.

Casper gives you 100 night trials and free return within 100 days of receipt.

7- Classic Brands Cool 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

Classic Brands Cool 1.0 made up of unique gel-infused memory foam that draws your body heat away and keeps you cool all night. There is also a comfort foam layer which helps in increasing the air-flow and then there is a high density base that helps you to provide a sturdy base to keep your body align.

The Cool gel memory foam and comfort foam layers are placed in such a way that it reduces the pressure points on shoulders, neck, and back. It provides proper support to your body. Classic Brands Cool is a perfect mattress for heavy people. The Classic Brands ships the mattress in box compressed and rolled that is easy to handle and unbox.

It comes with a free shredded memory foam pillow with your package. Classic Brands Cool 1.0 comes with a 10 year warranty.

8- Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime Elite Mattress

Chime Elite Mattress by Ashley Furniture signature design that gives you a comfort of memory foam while maintaining the temperature. The mattress has gel and charcoal infused memory foam which ensure best sleeping experience.

Chime Elite Mattress comes with a Green tea ventilated foam technology that helps in regulating the temperature while sleeping, and it also has a micro cool technology cover to keep you cool. It can be fitted on various style beds for better experience. Ashley Furniture Signature ships the mattress to your doorstep in an optimized packaging.

Overall, Chime Elite Mattress is the budget mattress for heavy people.

Mattress for Heavy People Buyer’s Guide

Now, in order to talk more about the Mattress for heavy people, I am adding this buyer’s guide to talk everything about heavy people’s mattress.

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Things to Consider Before Buying!

Following are the things that you need to consider before buying Mattress for heavy people.


Since, you are buying a mattress for heavy people then thickness is an important factor to consider. A thicker mattress will provide adequate support to the sleeper along with required comfort level. I would recommend you to go for 12 inches thick mattress.


Firmness is another important factor to consider. You may be inclined to buy a softer mattress; however, it won’t work well for a heavier sleeper. Therefore, I would recommend you to buy a firm mattress as it will ultimately feel softer to the plus-sized sleeper.


Since, you will be buying the mattress for heavy people then there are chances of more body heat production which is why you should look for a mattress with cooling properties. You need to make sure that there is a foam base which helps in circulating air and maintaining the temperature while you sleep. Usually, an open-cell memory foam, gels and cooling layers helps in maintaining the temperature.

Edge Support

A heavy person require some extra support while sleeping which is why edge support is important. You need to look for mattress with reinforced foam edge support so that you can comfortably sleep in your bed.

Weight Limit

Another important feature is the weight limit, you need to make sure that your mattress can handle weight from 250 to 1000 pounds. If you will buy a mattress with lower limits then it may break down faster.


So you need to make sure that you are investing in a durable mattress which could last for a longer period of time. Since, you will be using a mattress to bear heavy weight, so you need to make sure that it can last for years to come. Latex mattresses and high density mattresses are good to go.

Types of Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

There are four main types of mattresses that can be used by heavy sleepers. I have listed and discussed all of the mattresses below for you;

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress is the most popular type of mattress used by heavy sleepers. The memory foam varies from being very soft to very firm. However, memory foam mattress traps body heat; therefore, you have make sure that you buy a mattress that is infused with cooling properties. They are also famous for providing pressure relief to the sleepers; however, make sure that your mattress doesn’t conform too much to your body as it can make it difficult to move around.


Hybrid Mattresses provide adequate support to the heavy sleeper without compromising on the comfort level. You need to find a hybrid mattress that comes with a firm coil base which is topped with memory foam that would make a perfect mattress for heavy people.


Innerspring mattress use a coil system at the base in order to provide support to the sleepers. These are definitely the best choice for heavy sleepers because of the support which they are able to provide. Innerspring mattress are good at keep your spine aligned. These are usually topped with thin comfort layer which let you comfortably sleep.


Latex mattress is another a great option for heavy sleepers. They are comfortable and supportive mattress for heavy sleepers. They come with moderate level of cushions; however, they are mainly focused on support.


Q. Should I add a foundation or box spring with my mattress?

A. It entirely depends on your personal preference. A good spring or foundation can surely extend the life of your mattress and helps in enhancing comfort level. A foundation or box spring absorbs the weight capacity at some extent thus putting less pressure on the mattress itself.

Q. What bed frame is best for heavy people?

A. You should invest in a bed frame that can handle your weight along with foundation or box spring. Hardwood or metal bed frames are ideal for bigger people.

Q. Do memory foam mattress come with weight limit?

A. There are many memory foam that doesn’t have any weight limit; however, there are few models that come with weight limit.

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