Best Mattresses For Back Pain

After a long tiring day, one need a peaceful and relaxing sleep; however, people with back pain it is harder to get one. As per National Institute of Health, it is estimated that around 80% of. adults in United States suffer from either chronic or acute back pain. There are various reasons for the back pains, and a wrong time of mattress is the one.

Therefore, you should need to get a right kind and type of mattress in order to enjoy a peaceful sleep. There are various mattresses that provides spinal alignment that adjust as per your body posture thus ensuring comfortable sleep. In order to help you find you such mattresses, I have listed some of the Best Mattresses for back pain which will help you to get comfortable sleep at night.

Best Mattresses For Back Pain

1- AMERISLEEP AS5 Memory Foam Mattress – Twin 

AMERISLEEP AS5 is one of the best memory foam mattress for back pain which has extra soft feel and it can help you to achieve relaxing sleep. In case, you are injured, then its FDA-determined celliant cover can help you to achieve faster recovery by reflecting heat back into your body. It has a Bio-purr comfort layer which wicks away the warm air thus helping you to stay cool all night. The Bio-purr is designed using a plant-based material which result in zero emissions.

The good thing about AS5 is that it comes with an affinity transition layer along with HIVE technology creating 5 comfort zones that gives you more support where ever it is needed. The Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy (HIVE) uses hundreds of six-sided foam cores which automatically expands and contracts providing extra support and cushion where you need it the most. It comes with a 20-year warranty.

2- DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a perfect mattress for backpain. It has Gel-infused memory that ensure utmost comfort and softness and contour to your body that ensure pressure point relief. It is designed to provide comfortable and painless sleep. DreamCloud comes with innovative pocketed innerspring coil system that reduces motion transfer. The springs also has higher gauge coils at perimeter that increases the support from edges.

The Dreamcloud mattress is designed in such a way that it provides supports your spine and keep it aligned while sleeping. The mattress comes with breathable cashmere cover that helps you to enjoy comfortable sleep. Since, DreamCloud has a thick profile which not allow you to get comfortable sleep but also provide pressure relief for back.

The good thing about DreamCloud is that it gives you 180 Night which means you can use the mattress for 180 nights and if you are satisfied then you may return it.

3- Nectar Queen Mattress 

Nectar Queen Mattress has two layers of gel memory foam which contour to your body and distribute weight. Two layer of gel foam also helps the air to circulate thus keeping you cool all night. The good thing about Nectar is that it adjust to your body no matter your sleeping position which makes it a perfect choice for people with back pain.

The Nectar has Tencel cooling cover which is moisture, more breathable, and softer as compared to standard cotton covers. The Nectar has 5-layer foam construction including, two layers of Tencel long stable fibre, medical grade visco memory foam, Hi core 9.2 grade transition foam, and high vegetable base super core along with 5 lb support foam.

Nectar also gives you 180 night home trial which means you may use the foam for 180 nights and if you are not satisfied then you may return it.

4- PlushBeds 12″ Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam

PlushBeds Gel Memory Foam is another of the best mattresses for back pain. It is designed to adapt contour of your body for comfortable sleep. It is infused with gel beads that let you sleep comfortably and it also makes the mattress 30% more cooler as compared to others.

The PlushBeds cover has luxurious stretch which helps it to stay cool. There is also a comfort layer added for enhanced comfort depending on the size and choice of mattress. The Plushbeds matttress is designed to last longer due to the premium quality material used. The good thing about this mattress is that it doesn’t produce any noise when someone sits or changes the side while sleeping.

PlushBeds gives you 100 nights warranty which means you may use the mattress for 100 nights first and if you are satisfied then you may return it.

5- Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid-Mattress 

Linenspa Memory Foam mattress is a must-have choice for people with back pain. It contours to the body posture and helps in comfortable sleep by pressure points. It has a layer of memory foam for softness, knit cover, 1.5 inch layer of comfort foam that together create utmost comfortable sleeping experience. It has a 6.5 inches steel coils that provide support and durability to the mattress.

It is designed in such a way that it evenly distribute the body weight and provide proper support to your body without compromising on the breathability. The good thing about the mattress is that it can be easily rolled for transportation and retains its original form without damage.

Linenspa comes with a 10 year US warranty.

6- Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress

Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress is another mattress which is designed to provide enough support to your body and specially back. It gives enough support to your waist and helps in keep your spine aligned. It is one of the best mattress for side sleepers with back problems. It is constructed with 4 layers of memory foam that provide utmost comfort to the sleeper.

The good thing about Casper is that it has a softer zone given under your shoulders which helps you to sleep comfortable without putting too much pressure on your neck. There is also a firmer zone under your hips that provide support to your spine which is very helpful in back pain. Casper mattress is made with open-cells foams that helps you to stay cool all night.

It comes with 100 night risk-free trial.

7- LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch memory foam mattress which provides conforming support with the help of its responsive open cell memory foam. It adjust to your body-weight to alleviate pressure points. The LUCID 10 has ventilated design which helps to increase airflow through foam layers which helps in better breathability thus enhancing sleeping experience. In order to increase the breathability more, it has TENCEL blend fabric cover and natural moisture control.

The durable construction of this mattress is a perfect choice for people with back pain. The LUCID 10 is made using CertiPUR US certified foam for utmost safety and performance. It is shipped compressed which is easy to setup.

8- Sealy 10-Inch Memory Foam Bed 

Sealy 10 Inch Memory foam bed is designed to provide comfort and relaxing sleep. Its layers of comforts are added in such a way that it conforms to your body for personalized comfort. The dense layers foam gives proper support to your body and provide pressure relief. It uses CopperChill fused foam which ensure cooling.

Sealy Mattress is firm enough to provide proper support to your back which is why it is a top mattress for back-pain. The mattress is shipped into a small box which require you to simply unbox, unroll and you are good to go. The Sealy mattress is one of the most durable back-pain mattress available out there.

9- The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is designed in such a way that it eliminates pressure points and allow airflow so that you sleep cool. It perfectly conform to your body and provide proper back support. It dynamically flex under pressure which means that your shoulders and hips are cradled and your back get the full support.

It is made up of Hyper-Elastic Polymer which are famous to last longer. The Purple mattress has heat activated compression which means that your body heat will activate the cells thus will warm up the mattress and collapses under pressure. The good thing about the Purple Mattress is that it also retains the heat due to its closed-cell polyurethane foam which ensure warm sleeping experience which is good for the people with back-pain.

The Purple Mattress gives you 100 nights which means if you are not satisfied within first 100 nights then simply return.

10- Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Elite Breeze

Tempur-Pedic is one of the best back-pain mattresses available out there that provide proper support to your body and distribute weight evenly. It is infused with cool in order to ensure cooling comfort and it is designed to disperse heat away from the mattress.

The Tempur-Pedic is made up of Tempur material which provides support, distribute weight, excess the heat out, and breathable material. The outer cover of Tempur-Pedic is machine washable. The mattress comes with 10 year warranty.

Tempur comes in all sizes and available in soft, firm and hybrid style which gives you option for versatility.

Back Pain Mattress Buyer’s Guide

In order to talk more about Back Pain Mattress, I am adding this buyer’s guide for you.

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Things to Consider While Buying Mattresses for Back Pain

There are few things that you should consider while buying a mattress for back pain which are discussed below.


Since, you will be buying a back pain mattress then it should be able to provide required support. You should consider buying the mattress that provide enough support to your back and adjust to your body posture perfectly.


A firmer mattress provides perfect support to your back; however, it may not be correct all the time. So you need to select a mattress that provide adequate support to your spine and aligned with your sleeping pattern.


There are various options in material available. Usually, there are spring, memory foam, latex, airbed and hybrid options available. In order to get a mattress for back pain, you may consider memory foam, hybrid or air bed mattress.

Sleeping Position

There is a direct correlation between sleeping position and back pain. So you need to select the right mattress as per your sleeping position; whether you are side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

I have just shared some general approach for selecting the right kind of mattress.

  • Side Sleeper should buy a softer mattress with moderate level of firmness.
  • Back sleeper should need a solid medium-firm mattress.
  • Stomach Sleeper needs a bit more firmer mattress as compared to back sleeper.


Budget is another important concern as you will need a perfect mattress in a reasonable pricing. So make sure that you invest in a right kind of mattress as it will effect you directly.

How Back Pain Affects your Sleep?

Before talking more about the Mattress for Back Pain, lets first discuss that how back pain affects your sleep.

As per the study, Back Pain affects around 80% of adult for one type or other. When you are having back pain even the small activity like walking can be difficult. Moreover, back pain can disturb your sleeping as well as you will be struggling to get a comfortable sleeping position.

As per the reports, half of the people with lower back pain reports that they have sleeping problems. The sleeping problem occurs with both short-term (acute) back pain and long term (chronic) back pain people.

Having a continuous uncomfortable sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, stress or other mental conditions as you are continually in pain.

If you are suffering from back pain for a longer period of time, I would recommend you to consult a doctor. However, bringing in smaller changes can also contribute to comfortable sleep like proper sleeping posture, using right type of sleeping mattress, right kind of pillows, avoid unnatural movements and small exercises.

Types of Back Pain

There are various types of Back Pain that occur for various reasons. Usually, there are two main types of back pain; acute pain or chronic pain.

Acute Back Pain

Acute is a sharp and intense pain that comes in rapidly. It is related to any unfortunate event like fall, awkward twist, or lifting any heavy item or object. It is linked to injury or accident to muscles or ligamants.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain is the long term pain that may last for 3 months or more despite of treatments and remedies. It do involve sharp pain or you may also experience stiff muscle or dull soreness. It may also be linked to injury which may be occurred in past.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is the most common type of back pain which effect the lumbar region that includes lowest five vertebrae (L1-L5) of spine. It can also be caused due to some strain or something that is affecting nerves, organs, and vertebrae. The possible cause include compression fractures, ruptured or herniated disks, or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine).

Therefore, if your mattress does not provide proper support to your lower back pain then it may cause injury.

Upper and Mid Back pain

There are few people who experience mid back pain and it is less common as compared to lower back pain. It is pain in the lumbar spine but below the rib cage. It can occur for various reasons like nerve compression, damage to discs, fractures, muscle, or ligament injury. The mid back pain can also occur due to serious problems like tumors, organ problems which is why you should always consult the doctor.

The Mid back pain can also occur due to bad posture or lack of spinal support. The ailment issue is often connected to mattress which means you should get a mattress that provide proper support to your body and pressure points.

Upper Back Pain is not as common as lower back pain. It occurs in thoracic region which runs from the bottom of rib cage to lower neck and it involves 12 vertebrae that are connected to ribs. The pain in this area can occur for the similar reasons as the mid pain.

The pain in upper back also occurs due to awkward body positioning. It means the mattress and pillow plays an important role in this case.

Do a wrong Mattress cause Back Pain?

Since, you spend 8 to 10 hours on your bed which means it is one of the main causes of your back pain. Your sleeping posture plays an important role in your back pain which means you should always invest in a good quality mattress.

If your spine and joints are not aligned properly while sleeping then it may cause issues and may contribute to the back pain. If you wake up tired and uncomfortable every morning then it means that your mattress is causing the pain.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Back Pain?

Now, here comes the crucial part where you need to decide that which type of mattress is best for the back pain. There are five types of mattresses available in the market which has different features and specifications.


Hybrid Mattresses are constructed using innerspring that is followed by a comfort system which may include layers of foam, latest, micro-coils, cotton or fibre fill, down, and/or wool. The comfort layers are robust as compared to innerspring mattress.

They are supposed to provide moderate to significant support to your body posture and aids in pressure point relief and the coils helps in excellent ventilation and maintaining temperature.


It is made entirely of metal coils with a thin layer of cotton, polyester, or foam above the coils. They were very popular earlier but their popularity has declined after foam, latex and hybrid models. They are most inexpensive models.


The interior of Latex mattress is made up of latex, which is a type of rubber. Some of the mattresses are made from natural latex from trees and some are made from synthetic or blended latex.  There are also comfort layers which may be made up of various types of formulation of latex.

It provides reasonably good support to your body.


They come with inflatable chambers which can be controlled with a remote or an app to remove or add airs from chambers. There are other options also available like foam, latex, cotton, polyester, or wool which are layered as comfort system above support core.

The AirBed is easily adjustable which contours to your body perfectly. Due to its adjustability, it plays an important role for the people with back pain.


These are most common and famous type of mattress which are designed to provide both support and comfort to the sleeper. Memory foam is one of the most popular materials in mattresses as it is polyurethane foam (polyfoam) which has lots of features. There are no coils used in the foam mattress, but there may be a layer of latex for comfort.

They provide proper support to the body and utmost cushioning to various areas of your body. It is useful and effective for side sleepers and people with back pain.

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