Best Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

If you are person with lower back pain then you must be struggling to achieve comfortable sleep. One of the main causes for your lower back pain could be the mattress. And selecting the right kind of mattress for lower back pain is not that easy as it seems.

Therefore, in order to help you out I have listed some of the Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain. There are tons of mattresses available in the market; however, you have to choose the right type and kind of mattress for your back. The list of Lower Back Pain mattress carries various properties like firmness, comfort, support, and price which are designed to alleviate your back pain.

Best Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

1- Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress

Leesa Luxury is one of the best Hybrid Mattress for lower back that combines the benefits of both premium foam along with pocket springs for utmost comfort and proper support. The mattress comes with a breathable, soft cover. The top layer of mattress consist of hole-punched foam sleep cool and memory foam that contours to your body and relief pressure.

In order to respond to your sleeping position and style, it has 1000+ pocket springs. It actively contour to your body and gently push back on your pressure points. The good thing about the mattress is that it gives you edge-to-edge support. It is designed in such a way that alleviates the tension in your lumbar region.

Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress comes with 100 night risk-free trial and a 5 year’s warranty.

2- The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is another mattress designed for people with lower back pain and in such a way that it equally distributes the weight. It supports proper spine alignment. The Purple Mattress is designed using sleep science and technology that creates special motion isolation which let you sleep in complete isolation from person near you.

The mattress comes with Free Air Flow technology along with breathable channels that disperse the body heat away from the mattress thus keep you cool all night. The Hyper-elastic polymer which is used in the making of this mattress is completely antimicrobial with no artificial germicides.

The Purple Mattress comes with 100 night trial.

3- TUFT & NEEDLE Mint King Mattress

TUFT & NEEDLE Mint king mattress is designed for the people who have lower back pain. The top layer of the mattress helps the sleeper in relieving pressure by putting pressure on pain spots. It has ceramic gel beads in the second layer which act as additional cushioning that provide adequate firmness.

Mint King Mattress has graphite and cool gel used in their open-cell foam which helps in maintaining the temperature by dispersing the heat away. The knit cover of the mattress is breathable. The mattress is CertiPUR certified making it a safe and comfortable mattress.

TUFT & NEEDLE Mint mattress comes with 100 night sleep trial and 10 year limited warranty.

4- Nectar Queen Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress is another one of the best mattresses for lower back pain. It is constructed with 5 layers of foam including; Tencel long staple fibre removable cooling cover that keeps you cool all night, two layers of medical grade Visco elastic memory foam, Hi core 9.2 grade transition foam, and high vegetable base super core 5 lb support foam.

The two layers of Gel memory foam help the nectar to circulate air, contour to your body, and distribute weight evenly. It is designed to provide perfect support to the sleepers with back pain problem.

Nectar Mattress comes with 180 night sleeping trial and lifetime Warranty.

5- Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Comfort Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery is another mattress which is designed to target pressure points to provide relief. It has optimal cooling layer on the top and open cell technology in transition layer that ensure perfect air circulation that helps you sleep cool at night. It has 6″ of ascension 1,024 pocketed coils that ensure motion isolation and excellent reactivity.

Bowery provides medium firmness that ensure right amount of pressure point relief which makes it perfect for sleepers with lower back pain. It is Certi-Pur certified which means that the mattress is made without using ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Comfort Mattress comes with 10 year of warranty.

6- Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress

Casper Original is a lightweight mattress for lower back pain that provides adequate support and cooling to the sleeper. It has three areas of targeted support which helps in proper spine alignment. Casper mattress has used a soft around the shoulders which provide more support to the upper body. A firmer foam is used under hips, wast and lower back which helps in aligning your spine and very beneficial for lower back pain as well.

Casper also uses the breathable top layer which helps in regulating the temperature in night and keeping you cool at night. It has tiny holes that move hot air and body heat away thus keeping you cool. Despite foam being the plush, it is resilient and conforms to your body that helps in relieving the pressure. The base is so firm that it prevents the sleeper from sinking and sagging.

Casper Original Foam Mattress comes with 100 night trial and free returns.

7- DreamCloud King Mattress

DreamCloud King Mattress comes with Gel-infused memory foam that gives you comfortable feel and contours to your body for pressure point relief. It is definitely one of the best mattresses for lower back pain. It has cool quilted euro top that cradles you completely. The mattress comes with innovative pocketed innerspring coil system that helps in reducing motion transfer. In order to give you support at perimeter, it has higher-gauge coils at the perimeter.

Overall, DreamCloud is a perfect mattress for lower back pain as it is designed to provide adequate support. Its gel infused foam helps you stay cool all night by dispersing body heat away.

DreamCloud comes with 180 Nigh trial and lifetime warranty.

8- AMERISLEEP AS2 Memory Foam Mattress

AS2 is another lower back-pain mattress by AMERISLEEP that uses ultimate sleep technology. It is designed in a way that it provides targeted pressure relief for both back and stomach sleepers. The AS2 is made using environment friendly plant-based memory foam that has open cell structure with more air space thus keeps you cool at night. It can fit any bed frame perfectly.

AMERISLEEP uses Bio-Pur material which is more breathable as compared to traditional memory foam which helps you stay cool and comfortable all night. It is more responsive material which doesn’t let you stick in the mattress and it is also eco-friendly.

In order to provide you extra cushioning, it uses Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy also known as HIVE technology that uses hundreds of six-sided foam cores that expand and contracts that provide soothing in shoulders and lower back. To provide everlasting support and durability, it uses Bio-Core base that doesn’t lose firmness over time.

AMERISLEEP AS2 comes with 20-year warranty.

Mattresses for Lower Back Pain Buyer’s Guide

In order to further talk about Lower Back Pain mattresses, I am adding this buyer’s guide for you.

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What to Look for in a Mattress for lower Back Pain?

There are few things that you need to always look into a mattress for your lower back pain which I have discussed below in detail.


Lower Back Pain can be really painful specially when you are sleeping. You need to make sure that your mattress provide adequate support in the hips and lower back area. You need to make that the mattress is softer on the shoulder side and firm in hips and lower back area.

Comfort Level

Buying a fully firm mattress may be uncomfortable while you are having lower back pain. So you need to make sure that your mattress provide adequate level of comfort to your whole body and firmness to the lower back.

Mattress Type

Another one of the most important feature is the mattress type to choose. You need to make sure that your mattress is firm, comfortable, bouncy and has temperature regulation and motion isolation mattress. A memory foam mattress is great for the people with lower back pain.


You should always consider you budget before buying a mattress for lower back pain. Since, you don’t want to spend hundred of dollars buying the wrong product. So always take budget into consideration.

Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain

Sleep Position How it Works? Additional Tips
Sleep on your side with a pillow placed between your knees! The pillow between your knee helps in ensuring spinal alignment through hips and pelvis. You need to switch sides after every few nights in order to prevent shoulder pain or muscle soreness.
Sleep on your back with a pillow placed beneath your knee. The pillow supports your natural curvature of the spine. It helps in relieving strain or arching in the lower back pain. You need to add a thinner pillow or small rolled towel beneath your lower back.
Sleep on stomach with a pillow beneath your pelvis. You may also add a low-loft pillow for your head. It reduces stress between discs, relieving pain from degenerative disc disease. Stomach sleeping is not recommended for the people with back pain.


Q. What type of Mattress is best for Lower Back Pain?

A. A medium-firm mattress that offer both comfort and support is the best choice for people with lower back pain. You can also buy a mattress with little bounce as it may help you to easily change sleeping position.

Q. How to know if my mattress is the cause of my Back Pain?

A. If you wake up with a back pain every morning then your mattress is surely the cause. As your mattress may be too soft or too firm which may be causing the misalignment of your spine.

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